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8 Tips For Your First Time Performing On Camera

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Going on-camera for the first time is a bit like going to the dentist; you just need to be mentally prepared and in good hands. The rest is easy; sit back, relax and breathe. This blog post will give you my best tips after spending years in front of the camera as an on-screen host and off screen as a producer and director. These 8 tips are very general, so they’d work if you’re doing a sit-down interview or some basic acting for your next business video.

1. Confide in the Director or Producer

Butterflies, a high heart rate, a slight bit of anxiety (or all these together) are completely normal. Even professional video production company presenters and celebrities who do camera work often are hit with a bit of worry beforehand. Be sure to let the director or producer know. They will comfort you and make you feel more confident. Sometimes we need to get our vulnerabilities off our chest, and instantly the whole thing will seem lighter. 

2. The Benefits of Re-Takes

Rest easy by knowing we can always do re-takes. That means if you mess up a line (which is natural) or perhaps said something you shouldn’t have, we can always roll the camera again. Good producers and directors will not rush to get quick results during an interview or take. They understand deeply that it’s a process to warm up, open up and shine.

3. Comfortable Attire

Wear comfortable clothes! Don’t overdo your wardrobe choice by picking items that are too tight, too stiff, revealing, or just not you. You will feel much more relaxed if you dress in your normal day-to-day business attire. The same goes for shoes, hair and make-up. Wear pieces that compliment you and feel natural.

4. A Little Bit of Prep Is Good

Prepare interview answers in advance and bring them to set. Whether you are talking about your business or a product or service, it’s key to have some content prepped in advance. Establish with your producer or director in advance what you will be covering. Then get brainstorming and write the answers into a couple of simple sentences. The key with corporate video interviews is to be brief. We’re not writing a research paper; just a few ideas will do the job.

5. Not Everything Needs To Be Perfect

Don’t worry too much about having all your answers perfectly prepared; there will be time for adlib. In the latter part of the interview, we can build on what we’ve already covered or add new ideas; there is flexibility. Through the collaboration process, we will seamlessly work together to get all the right content. If we realise we’ve forgotten a point or would really like to add something, we can always bring our audio recorder into your office and get the soundbits that way.

6. Talking To a Friend

The producer or director will most likely ask you to look at them rather than looking at the camera when you talk during the interview. Embrace their energy and imagine you’re talking to an old friend. This will instantly make you feel relaxed, and it will feel more authentic when viewers watch it. You don’t need to have a perfect on-screen persona or skills; just be yourself.

Tips For Your First Time Performing On Camera | Shakespeare Media

7. Posture Is Key

Good posture is important not only in life but also when you are presenting yourself on camera. Be sure to sit up nice and straight, a little more than you usually would. Also, feel free to smile and use your natural body language when speaking. For example, if you’re a “hands” person, use your hands.

8. Practice Can Help

Do some practice at home? If you’ve got a phone or a camera with a video function, ask your friend or family member to record you. Run over some of your interview answers. Analyse how you talk or what your body language looks like. Can anything be improved? If so, make small changes. But try not to overthink it or be too critical, have a little fun.

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