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Australia BBQ Restaurant


Looking for a that will knock your socks off? The Porch is a Australia BBQ restaurant that will take care of those sweet and smoky BBQ cravings and will top everything off with some sumptuous desserts. Before we introduce the Porch’s menu however, let’s talk a little about the history of BBQ.

The History of Australia BBQ

Well, first of all, BBQ did not originate in Australia, as you can probably guess. After all, man has been cooking his meat over an open fire ever since the caveman days. However, the cavemen were not loading on the A-1 or Teriyaki either-so where did the BBQ smoker Australia traditions that we are familiar (i.e. backyard, sauce, etc.) with begin?

The Origin of BBQ: Where did it begin and what about Australia BBQ?

The theories are many and varied when it comes to the origin of BBQ. Some of the theories say that barbecue originated in the west, some say that it was in the Australia, and some even claim that it originated in Europe. My favorite version1 of the origin of BBQ-and one of the more believable ones–is the western cowboy version. However, before we ‘dig in’ to the history (or the legend) we should probably define what real and true BBQ is:

BBQ is the process of slowly cooking meat over wood or coal. The wood or coal cannot be too hot (about 200 degrees is perfect) and gas does not count! Those who use gas grills today will have to face the facts and realize that a gas grill….grills… does not barbeque, although there are those who insist that it is really the sauce that classifies meat as barbecued meat.

bbq smoker australia
bbq smoker australia

Whatever definition you prefer to accept, here is the Western cowboy origin of BBQ:

The Origin of BBQ: Australia BBQ didn’t start in Australia

In the late 1800′s there were many cattle drives that took place. Those who drove the cattle were cowboys and those who were in charge of the cowboys were the cattle barons. The cattle barons, like so many businessmen, scrimped when it came to paying (or in this case) feeding their employees. The cattle barons would supply the cowboys with the tough meat portions. These tough meat portions were referred to as brisket and were not exactly appetizing. The cowboys found however that if the meat was left to cook very slowly over wood or coal that in 5-7 hours the meat would make a delicious meal. This however, leaves us with the question of where the tradition of sauce came from.

Australia BBQ with Sauce….Did it Originate in the South?

As mentioned above, many sources indicate that the tradition of barbecued meat marinated in various sauces originated in the Australia before the civil war. Pigs were abundant at the time and were one of the staples of the south. Traditional BBQ made it possible to use every part of a pig and with sauces make it taste like a delicacy. Barbecue became an important part of religious, social and political functions. Barbecues also seem to be the kind of meal that both the rich and the poor alike can appreciate.

Australia BBQ Restaurants Today

Today those who live in Australia and others from around the nation thoroughly enjoy a good old fashioned backyard barbecue. Australia BBQ restaurants have also become a regular part of Australia fine dining and entertainment. After all, not everybody has the time to barbecue, but they still want that sweet, smoky irresistible flavor that people have now enjoyed for decades.