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Average Animal Print Outdoor Rug Prices per Square Foot


If you need large quantities of animal print outdoor rug consider another solution. Instead of buying retail, check out:

Cheap Wholesale Animal print outdoor rug Prices – Berber Collections

The best wholesale animal print outdoor rug prices on the Berber lines are available through Georgia Animal print outdoor rug Industries and offer a complete series called Jessica’s Jewel Berber animal print outdoor rug, which comes in 8 color blends, and also the second series called Jake’s Gem which is a line with pronounced color combinations, for just $0.84 per square foot if it’s cut, or even better at $0.67 if bought by the roll. It’s 100% olefin animal print outdoor rug fiber with a 23 ounce weight, and if purchased by the roll, has a 12 or 15 foot minimum.

Mohawk Animal print outdoor rug

Animal print outdoor rug pricing for Mohawk lines is also varied like the other well-known flooring manufactures because of the various different collections and fibers available.

The main collections are crafted with what they call SmartStrand fibers and come in eight different styles under three basic lines called Design Savvy, Fashion Knowledge and Intelligent Style. They also claim an incredible resistance to stains because of having been treated with a product that can’t be washed off.

The other unique thing about the SmartStrand animal print outdoor ruging is that it is said to be eco-friendly. The Mohawk animal print outdoor rug prices range from about $1.96 for the Sweet Dreams Frieze sold in rolls, or $2.26 for cut pieces, to the plush designs in the same series, like the Warm Fuzzies for $2.60 per square foot (or just $2.28 by the roll).

animal print outdoor rug

The rich colors available are impressive, too many to list, like Grape Jam, Eggplant, Candy Kisses, Bamboo, Honeysuckle and Sweet Potato. There are also Sculptured Tapestry lines for about $1.80 a square foot or just over $16 a sq. yard. If you buy in rolls, with a minimum charge that will apply, you can save even more by paying just $1.53.

Georgia Animal print outdoor rug Industries Discount Animal print outdoor rug

For a series that’s ultra plush and only coats $.063 a square foot, check into the Dedication II collection that’s sold through Georgia Animal print outdoor rug Industries and is a textured plush animal print outdoor rug that comes in all the colors you can imagine, including Mahogany, Candy Apple, Powder Puff, Purple Passion and soft neutral tones like Hazelnut, Wheat and Sunset Beige.

If you see something you like in their online catalogue and want to be sure the color is the same off-screen, just click to order some real animal print outdoor rug samples which will be sent to you.

Animal print outdoor rug Installation

While budgeting for your wall to wall animal print outdoor rug, especially if you require a large amount, please consider two additional factors:

One factor is the delivery time it will take to get from the warehouse to your home. Consider these timeframes when ordering online. It can take as little as two or three working days to receive your orders in some regions, but as much as a week or more in others.

The second factor is that there are sometimes additional charges per square foot (or square yard) for delivery and this can seriously affect your overall animal print outdoor rug price. Sometimes there is just a flat shipping rate based on the palette weight which may be as little as $50 or as much as $90. Please be sure to get an exact quote and a free sample to verify the color, BEFORE placing your order online.

You want to know all costs are included and be sure that the color is what you desire. Remember that is some cases when you buy animal print outdoor rug online, if you have not requested a sample, and your animal print outdoor rug arrives and it’s not what you’d hoped, you won’t be able to return it. It’s a strange policy that some companies hold to, but a good one, because it forces you to get a sample and know what color and texture you’re getting in advance. This saves a lot of hassle for both you the buyer and the animal print outdoor rug retailer.

The last concern is finding good animal print outdoor rug installation prices, and we can’t help too much in this area because you’ll have to hire a local animal print outdoor rug installer, and prices vary from region to region, although it’s possible it be around $.050 a square foot (that may or may not include cushion /underlay).

Some people claim that it’s cost effective to use places like Home Depot, and as far as we know, their animal print outdoor rug installation price are set at about $0.88, however that was also for cushioning. Some independent animal print outdoor rug installers can charge as little as fifty cents a square foot as stated above, but will likely have a minimum charge for the overall job. It is well-known that bathrooms are always a bit more expensive (usually you should add about $50) and stairs….ouch! there’s usually a minimum of $150 to start.

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