Can I Change My Address On License Online?


You’re here because you want to know how to change your address online. This is instead of updating your address the manual way. The old way. Let’s face it. Updating your address can be a hassle and take hours of time.

That’s time which could be better spent doing something else. Imagine if instead of spending hours to inform everyone that you’ve changed address you could do it within 5 minutes?

The good news? You don’t need to imagine. We’ll show you everything you need to do to update your address online. Did you know that the average cost of moving home in the UK is estimated to be around £9,000? Estate agent fees can account for up to a third of this amount.

Use an Online Change of Address Service

When you want to change your address you might find yourself frantically typing: ‘change address HMRC’, ‘change address driving license’ and so on.

We know it can be confusing and when moving home you have little time to spare. That’s why here at SlothMove we created an online change of address service. You can change your address online using our intuitive form. Amazingly, the average person can actually spend up to 7 hours or more changing their address. With our online form you can ‘say it once’ and inform everyone that you’re moving within 5 minutes.

Here are the key features:

Save Time

Save up to 7 hours of time on hold and speaking to customer service agents

Safe & Secure

Safety & security are our top priorities and are at the center of everything we do

Just £7

We keep our prices low to cover our costs; you can save up to 7 hours of time for just £7

Super Easy

Update your address online using our intuitive online form designed to make it easy

Inform Everyone

Inform all of your companies that you’re changing address at once

Only 5 Minutes

Our online change of address form can be completed within 5 minutes

Reduce Your Risk of Fraud

Change Your Address Online

However you change address, it’s important that you do inform everyone that you’re moving. And this is because of fraud. According to UK Finance, the UK econmy lost over £1.2bn due to fraud in 2018.

It’s unfortunate that it can happen to anyone, but we do need to be vigilant. There are a few ways you can do this. As you’re working down your change of address checklist (feel free to check out our change of address checklist here) make sure you take enough time to inform all of your companies that you’re moving.

It can also never hurt to build a good relationship with the person who you’re selling to or your current landlord. Now, let’s cover a few key areas which people most commonly search for when changing address online.

Change of Address Checklist

If you’re moving home and changing address you will need a change of address checklist. These are super helpful in making sure you don’t forget anything – as their name implies! A lot of websites tend to provide their own, but generally the key is to look at a couple to make sure that you don’t forget anything in particular.

When we pulled our moving home checklist together we wanted to make it as easy to follow as possible and to cover off every base you needed. We actually looked at what was already out there and curated a ‘best of all’ type checklist to help you on your home move.

So, if you’re looking to update your address with HMRC, wondering when to start packing or anything else – we’ve got you’re covered.

How Do I Change Address On My Driving Licence

If you want to change address on your driving licence, you can do this online. It is possible to change address on your driving licence even if you’re a provisional driver. To find-out how to do that or just change address with the DVLA in general, can check-out this step-by-step guide on how to change address with the DVLA.

Change Address HMRC

You may wish to inform HMRC of your change of address for a number of reasons. It’s worth remembering that if you run business, you will need to update HMRC about that also. If you’re changing address or any other kind of detail (such as gender change, income change etc…) you can get started here.

Final Thoughts

Moving home can be a stressful period but it doesn’t need to be. You can save yourself lots of time by changing your address with SlothMove. But, even if you don’t make sure you cross everyone off the list to ensure a smooth transition. That will also help with reducing your risks against fraud.