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Are you looking for the most perfect concrete finishes Calgary has to offer? Well Patriarch Construction Company offers a fantastic service of volumetric concrete that is exactly what you need for your home in Calgary, Alberta. Whether it’s for a conservatory base, garden path or a driveway our state of the art volumetric pumping trucks can pour concrete into the tightest or smallest spaces.

There are a whole host of attractive finishes you can have for your brand new concrete driveway in Calgary. Your initial reaction to the suggestion of a concrete driveway may be ‘I’d much rather have block paving or beautiful patterns’ – well you can! With our superior volumetric concrete services we have teamed up with Cornerstone Paving in Alberta to provide each of our customers with an attractive driveway that will be the talk of the street.

Concrete Driveways

concrete driveway

There are many reasons why you should choose a concrete driveway over any other material such as gravel or stone.

For starters, concrete driveways with stunning concrete finishes are incredibly robust and very sturdy. As driveways are continuously used on a daily bases it is important that they maintain their strong nature without ever cracking.

If your current driveway does show a crack it is vital that you call Patriarch Construction to resolve the issue. If you leave a crack in your concrete driveway and don’t do anything about it, it is likely to get worse and cause more harm than good. Cracks are also a place for weeds to grow and water to sit, neither of which are ideal. But don’t panic – we’re experts in repairing cracks to make sure the concrete finishes are as good as new.

As driveways are the most common place for parking your car they may be subject to unwanted stains and marks, such as oil spills or tire tread. The best way to remove these unnecessary stains is through pressure washing them away – afterwards your concrete driveway will gleam.

You could wash your driveway every now and again to avoid any moss or weeds growing. These aren’t very attractive so a quick spring clean of your concrete driveway will give it its brand new appearance once more.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

If you’re considering a new driveway and would like a particular pattern or design, then our pattern imprinted concrete is the perfect solution. You’ll never have to worry about weeding between the gaps as there are no gaps! Even the most intricate block or crazy paving will never beat the seamless concrete finish our pattern imprinted driveways create.

We only work with the best in the business which is why Cornerstone Paving is the number one choice to imprint the patterns in the concrete we lay. Gone are the days of having to worry about weeding or maintaining the appearance of your driveway, as our concrete pattern imprinted driveways are specifically constructed to offer a maintenance free solution to your new driveway in Calgary.

There are a wide variety of patterns available so you can choose the pattern imprinted concrete drive of your dreams for your property in Calgary, Alberta. No matter how many cars are parked on your drive it will remain fresh, clean and durable for a very long period of time.