Deodorant Without Aluminum


Aluminum, we are all aware is a versatile metal that finds multifarious uses in our lives. Because of its lightness it is used as the base material for making the fuselage of airplanes, fighter aircrafts, to aerated beverage cans. The uses of aluminum are so varied that it is not possible to list all their uses or applications in this article. But aluminum is not conducive to human well-being and therefore doctors and medics suggest us to avoid using products or items that contain aluminum as an ingredient.

And as far as the use of deodorants or body sprays are concerned, you’d be better off without using such products that contain aluminum. Deodorants or body sprays containing aluminum should be a strict no-no. The basic reason as to why one should stay away from such deodorants is that the aluminum content in the product blocks the pores of sebaceous glands that help us to sweat. Sweating is a natural biological process that helps us to get rid of excess water and toxins. Since aluminum blocks the pores through which the sweat comes it might result in complications later.  Therefore switch to a Deodorant without Aluminum.

The adverse effects of using deodorants containing aluminum

The sooner you switch to aluminum free body sprays or deodorants the better. Opt for organic deodorants or natural deodorants. These categories of deodorants only use natural products or elements. Always look at the composition before buying. The organic or natural deodorants should contain no aluminum and these are the ones that are recommended for you. Go for a deodorant that contains alum which also has sweat blocking properties but is not harmful for your health. Alum is used as an astringent in after shaves. Also use deodorants that contain neem tree or tea tree oil.

Using a body spray that contains aluminum can lead to accumulation of aluminum in the body and can get deposited in the viscera. This deposition is one cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Excessive Deodorant without Aluminum deposition can also lead to breast cancers. Aluminum is classed as a neurotoxin that has adverse effects on our bodies.

Deodorants without aluminum are the ones we should go for

Organic and natural deodorants we should always opt for if using the same is a part of our daily routine or the use of deodorants is necessitated by the weather conditions. These kinds of body sprays do not only not blocks the natural process of perspiration but also keeps us feeling fresh and invigorated. And many of us tend to suffer from rashes that are caused by the aluminum.

Deodorants without aluminum are readily available in high end stores and online

Look for body sprays or deodorants that do not claim themselves as “antiperspirant”. Those sprays with make this claim is most likely to contain aluminum. Going for a deodorant without aluminum like a body spray containing alum or tea tree oil is ideal for you. Also avoid deodorant containing zinc. Go online to find your deodorant without aluminum.