Details On Exposed Aggregate Driveway


Exposed aggregate is an ornate concrete, mixed with natural stones from quarries and riverbeds. The finish on this concrete finish exposes the smooth texture of these stones and pebbles, giving an elegance finish on the surface.

Exposed aggregate is mostly installed on exposed aggregate driveway, patios, pool decks, walkways, among others. You can use bead glass, sea glass and shells to enhance the look of the concrete. This surface finish creates random patterns of the surface, creating an appealing and non-slip surface.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Notably, aggregate is the sand and gravel ration of the concrete mix. The cement bonds the substances together, giving them substance and strength. Exposed aggregate is a perfect concrete finish when you want to make a contrast of another finished surface.

In addition, it is a perfect choice when you want to match the surface with an existing concrete finish. During the installation process, the professional removes the top fine layer of the concrete to expose gravel pieces such that they become visible on the surface.

Exposed aggregate concrete finish has many spectacular effects, and it is cheap to install. Decorative aggregate is the only additional materials required during the installation process. In addition to the cheap installation cost, other benefits include the following.


Exposed aggregate gives a rugged and non-skid surface, which is ideal for exposed aggregate driveway, patios, pool decks and walkways.

The surface is resistant to harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic.

It can withstand heavy utility because the strong bond makes it resistant to chipping. It can withstand heavy downpour, snowing because it is weather resistant.

Decorative effects

Exposed aggregate concrete has decorative effects because you can use various decorative aggregate to achieve the desired results.

As mentioned earlier, you can use sea glass, decorative beads and pebbles to create various colours and variations.

In fact, you can use variety of stones and dyes to obtain numerous colours that can match any decor. Some of the finishes include cedar, driftwood and Roan River.

Easy to Maintain

When you have an exposed aggregate driveway and all type of concrete driveway, you do not have to worry about mud accumulation during rainy season because it is easy to clean and maintain.

This type of concrete is easy to maintain because it has a rugged surface, which requires occasional cleaning.

This surface requires sealing after several years to protect wear and tear of the exposed aggregates.