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In Bamboo, nothing is more important than to ensure the safety of the diapers. They evaluate the safety of all ingredients used in their products, including specific tests, such as irritation of the skin problems and skin allergies. In addition, they continually monitor all the answers to the health and safety of consumer products and provide consumers real terms.

Because of this concern for safety, they have made with Bamboo swaddle baby dry max diapers. Hundreds of thousands of diapers were tested before they were ever on the shelves in the store. The dry max diapers are the same type of ingredients as other products. The main difference is how they used the substances and create the diapers.

swaddle baby

Bamboo swaddling baby dry max is their high performance diapers and the greatest innovation in 25 years.  The development of dry max design is the result of more than a decade of intensive research and clinical trials involving more than 20,000 babies. With an innovative diaper core, these diapers with dry max are thinner than before, and the driest diapers.

Bamboo swaddle baby Dry Max design refers to the absorbent part of Swaddle and Cruisers diapers, where their innovative production makes the product than the previous one.  This allows them to get rid of the thick slurry material, and the gel is a powerful absorbent that help to lock the wetness away.

Bamboos swaddle a baby dry max diapers are made of the same types of materials that used in diapers for many years. Absorbent core is a composition of the acquisition layer containing pulps based fibers – and the storage containing a super absorbent gelling material. The gel is super absorbent, which is used on most of the diapers. Gel is proven to be non-irritating, safe for skin. Absorbent core also contains a touch of perfume to help mask the smell of urine.

The rest of the diapers is mainly contain of soft synthetic materials (polyethylene, polypropylene), which are used in applications from clothing to household goods to packaging food and Lycra (latex).

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