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How to Use XL Center Tickets for Event Tickets


Many sports events, concerts and theater events can sell out easily. But there is a website that can help people look to get tickets for events that are hard to find. XL Center Tickets is a popular website that features tickets for many different events that require event tickets, and people can sell their tickets on the site as well. Here’s a look at how to use XL Center Tickets.

The first part of learning how to use XL Center Tickets involves registering an account with the site. When you sign up with the site to buy or sell tickets you will need to send in your name, email address, zip code and daytime phone number.

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When you purchase tickets on XL Center Tickets additional information is needed. A billing address and credit card will be needed. If you are going to sell tickets on XL Center Tickets you’ll need to get a pre-paid shipping label to send your tickets to another customer with. After you send the tickets you can get your money through PayPal or with a check in the mail.

The next part of how to use XL Center Tickets involves finding tickets for events. On the front page of the website there are directories on where to go for tickets to various events. For instance, let’s say you wan to see a San Jose Sharks hockey game on March 13. You’ll need to go to the NHL section and then click on the San Jose Sharks link. Then you will get a listing of what dates are coming up. By clicking the Buy link you can find what tickets are available in certain sections. By clicking the Sell link you’ll have to enter information on where the tickets are located and have full confirmation on where the tickets are located. This is needed for customer security purposes.

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While knowing how to use XL Center Tickets is easy, it can be tough to get tickets at some times. FedEx will send the tickets to you if your order is placed three or more days before the event occurs. Therefore, it is best to know how to use XL Center Tickets well before an event. A tracking number from FedEx will also be given to you for free.

Another part of how to use XL Center Tickets can be used for last minute purchases. If you buy tickets at short notice you can get your tickets at the event venue’s box office with a photo ID and the XL Center Tickets order number. A fifteen dollar charge is required for this service.

If you are going to sell tickets on XL Center Tickets you should know that you will have to pay a fifteen percent service charge. Also, you’ll need to send your tickets within forty eight hours of the order. Your account will be closed if you do not do this. The person who ordered the tickets that were not sent will get a full refund.

The last part of how to use XL Center Tickets involves canceling orders. During the forty eight hour period after you buy tickets you cannot cancel your order, but you can cancel it after that if the seller has not fulfilled your order.

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