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Liquid diet for weight loss surgery Options ? An Overview


When it comes to surgery for weight loss there are a number of options. The choice of procedure depends on a patient’s condition and severity. Some of the liquid diet for weight loss surgery options include gastric band, gastric sleeve among others. Each option is targeted towards reducing the overall intake of food and therefore eventually causing weight loss.

In addition to those mentioned, the gastric balloon is also another option. The idea behind this surgery is to help the patient reduce the amount of food they take by making them feel less hungry. Just as the name suggests, a special type of balloon is placed into the stomach cavity; this balloon is inflated and occupies a significant amount of space in the stomach. This means that the patient will have less space to store ingested food; consequently the feeling of hunger will be suppressed considerably.

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With this particular procedure, the balloon will not be a permanent feature in the stomach of the patient. After a few months the patient will undergo another procedure to remove the special balloon. During the time that the balloon will be in the patient’s stomach, he or she is forced to take on the lifestyle of eating just enough food to sustain them. Overeating will slowly be eliminated. When the balloon is finally removed, the patient will already have made it a habit of eating just the right amount of food to stay healthy. This option still requires the addition of some form of healthy exercise in order for it to be the most effective.

A gastric bypass surgery is a bit more complex and also as the name suggests, a bypass is done. The bypass will involve connecting the stomach directly to the lower part of the gut. In this case, what will be bypassed is the duodenum or the upper part of the small intestines. This procedure is very effective in reducing weight and within one year of the surgery being performed; more than 60 percent of the excess weight will have been lost.

A gastric sleeve surgery involves drastic reduction in the overall size of a patient’s stomach. In most cases up to 80 percent of the stomach is removed leaving the stomach with a sleeve like shape. There are cases where this procedure is a precursor to bypass surgery.

The gastric band surgery is also another type of liquid diet for weight loss surgery. The purpose of this of surgery is to reduce the effective volume of the stomach. A gastric band is used to basically divide the stomach into two compartments of different sizes. Once this procedure is done, the patient will not be able to eat very much because of the reduced stomach size. The band surgery’s cost can start at $17,000 dollars.

When going for any of the liquid diet for weight loss surgery options, it is important to be well informed. These procedures should also preferably be performed after all non-invasive methods have failed. The surgeons who perform these procedures should also be screened, as ideally you always want a surgeon that is well qualified and has a lot of experience in their specialized field.

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