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Today’s graphic designer has got to be able to present ideas and resolve problems while on the go. Customers don’t always have the time to come in for a full presentation and your competitors are probably already meeting clients in the local café. There are 5 must-have apps for Graphic Designers that work on IOS platforms that will keep you moving and doing. Whether you are an independent designer or part of a studio, going mobile is the only way to conduct business these days and these mobile app developers will help you do it right.

What the Font

Who hasn’t had the client that wants a design “just like what they saw” in another campaign? Rather than waste time trying to track down the specifics of the project and the design elements used, What the Font can help you identify one of the most important elements of an advert – the typeface. Snap a picture and What the Font will connect to the MyFonts Identification service and find out what type was used.


This app could almost have been designed to maximize the usefulness of Pinterest for a Graphic Designer. You can show clients photos from your stream (or anywhere else on the web) and then identify the color that they specify in the image. Alternately, you can work with Palette to create custom colors on the spot and with the client, you could even design DC/AC Power Inverters.


Zeptopad is another of the 5 must-have apps for Graphic Designers as it can turn any touchscreen IOS device into a portable sketch and scratch pad. You can use your finger and the intuitive interface to cut and paste from images, sketch free hand and then save them all to another device for later development. One of the key uses of this app is not so many developmental sketches but in marking changes a client may want on a design and then email it directly from your device back to your office. There is no better way to impress your client than this updated version of “I’ll get right on it.”

Mobile Apps


TaskCards is a must for the Graphic Designer who wants to stay on top of their projects and not become buried in them. It uses a simple and intuitive web application development to allow you to handle scheduling, tasks, priorities and other organizational elements to organize a project. You can pull the same type cards (such as tasks) from several projects at once to create an efficient to-do list for the day.

Credit Card Terminal

Billing is always the bane of every designer’s existence and for the price; Credit Card Terminal is a worthy solution. It is by no means free, but it is secure and immediate. Have the customer sign the screen after you input their payment information and hit send to have the billing executed. While it is tempting to opt for a less expensive version of this app, don’t do it. Billing is the one thing you should always invest in to get the best and stay liquid.

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