Social Media as Disruptive Technology


The previous article was for the time being a collection of ideas to apply this theory of disruptive technology on social media for cultural institutions. Of course, this is still half-baked and there are still proving Analyse with a survey.

I see several problems. The first problem is, and cultural institutions differ from commercial enterprises, that the idea of social media marketing services has not yet fully understood everywhere, which of course depends on the cultural institution per se. For a long time the marketing ideas from the economy are simply transferred to the culture, but this does not always work, because it is simply an institution that has an educational mission and thus thought to not sell yourself. Basically, according to Ralf Terlutter (lifestyle-oriented cultural marketing, business publishing Gabler, Wiesbaden 2000) cultural institutions have the following problems:

social media marketing services
social media marketing services

– Reductions in the cultural budget due to financial shortages of public budgets

– Decrease in approval in broad sections of the population

– Growing competition on the leisure and procurement market

– High level of customer demands

– Disadvantages arising from the sponsorship

They must be considered by the persons in charge of the cultural institution. Furthermore, I have named marketing as an exchange process between two or more parties. Certainly, a company sends a message that is intended to make a potential customer consume the product or service and give it a good opinion. Nevertheless, in my opinion it is a communication, which is also the modern thing about it. A cultural institution does not necessarily have much of a potential visitor passing a poster and not registering it. Perhaps questions arise about the play for which a theater advertises with this poster. It’s just good service when the potential visitor can get in touch with the theater in any uncomplicated way. I understand that as an exchange. Here again Kotler saying:

“Marketing is a descreptive science involving the study of how transactions are created, stimulated, facilitated, and valued. Marketing management is a normative science involving the efficient creation and offering of values ​​to stimulate desired transactions. “1972, p.52

Furthermore, in the first paragraph of the last article, I mentioned the problem that too few young people visit cultural institutions. This is a fact. So now many institutions have set themselves the goal to inspire young people for their programs. And it is known that 89% of German adolescents aged 14-29 use the Internet. (The data are taken from the 2009 ACTA study). For this reason, it is time for cultural institutions to rethink and integrate a new technology into the marketing mix, of course, on the assumption of a strategy, which unfortunately absorbs the social media marketing problem just named. But that is another topic and should not be discussed here. The aim of my last article was to show.

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