Specific Benefits of EMS Training

Gym Health & Fitness

BodyTec is the innovative advancement of the electro-muscle stimulation principle already used by leading competitive athletes, physiotherapists and medical professionals. All programs are based on scientific facts and studies , are designed to maximize customer value and have been developed by professionals.

Luxury Time

Free time is precious – too precious to spend with strenuous, time-consuming and ineffective workouts. BODYTEC EMS Training combines the luxury of time with the desire for a sporty balance – without compromise: Already ten to 30 minutes per training session are enough to be successful in a few weeks.

Experience Meets Result

This striking statement is made by BODYTEC EMS Training in terms of function and impact. Finally, the EMS device stimulates all major muscle groups simultaneously – depending on the shape and intensity of the day, individual games can be trained and activated more or less strongly. Feel completely healthy, fit and fit – with BODYTEC EMS Training.

Remove – Shape – Fix

Visible success at all levels. Narrow waist, defined muscles or less fat – studies confirm the effects of whole- EMS Training.

Naturally Slim & Straff Full-Body Training With Bodytec

BODYTEC EMS Training starts where conventional methods fail: Targeted and individually dosed, almost all major muscle groups are activated and trained at the same time – even the hard-to-reach muscles at the waist and hip! Metabolism and enzyme activity are increased, calorie consumption increases. Musculature is built up, excess fat converted into energy and successfully broken down – an effect that lasts even hours after training! The result is something to be proud of: Effective and sustainable body shaping by building lean muscle mass while reducing excess body fat.

The strong EMS Training the collagen production and the blood circulation of the skin, the energy turnover is increased in the long term. Positive effects: weight and fat are reduced and the metabolism stimulated. Especially the unsightly flab at the waist and hip are effectively combated, the muscles are visibly firmer and defined under the skin. Cellulite can be prevented or fought up to a certain age.